Portuguese Minor

This minor allows students to develop conversational fluency in the Portuguese language and to gain an understanding of the Lusophone culture and history of the Brazilian, Portuguese, and Cape Verdean communities in the United States. Courses in the minor may also be used to fulfill general education requirements.

To complete the course residency requirement for a minor, a minimum of three (3) course-credits (12 semester hours) in the minor must be taken at Framingham State University. Portuguese courses taken abroad and/or in summer programs are subject to approval by the Chair of the World Languages Department. Exceptions to the University’s Course Residency requirement may be made by the Chair of the World Languages Department in conjunction with the University Registrar’s Office.

The minor requires five (5) elective courses from the following:

  • LING 300 Romance Linguistics
  • PORT 101 Elementary Portuguese I
  • PORT 102 Elementary Portuguese II
  • PORT 201 Intermediate Portuguese I
  • PORT 225 Business Communication in Portuguese
  • PORT 300 Portuguese in the Community

Note: If PORT 102 and/or PORT 201 have been waived by placement the following courses may be taken to complete the minor:

  • LING 110 The Languages of the World
  • LING 200 Language and Linguistics