Steering Committee

CELTSS Steering Committee for AY 2022-2023:

Santosha Adhibhatta, Environment, Society, and Sustainability
Kim Arditte Hall, Psychology and Philosophy
Maria Bollettino, History (Assistant Director)
Joanne Britland, World Language
Denise Brown, Management and Business & IT
Rebecca Dowgiert, Library
Joyce Faraj-Ardura, Nutrition and Health Studies
May Hara, Education (Director)
Audrey Kali, Communication, Media, and Performance
Michael Krul, Mathematics
Aviva Leibert, Biology
Rongbing Liu, Accounting, Economics, and Finance
Jim McQuaid, Sociology
Sarah Mulhall Adelman, History
Satish Penmatsa, Computer Science
Evelyn Perry, English
Robin Robinson, Education Technology Office
Dave Smailes, Political Science, Law, and Global Studies
Folashadé Solomon, Education
Keri Straka, Art and Music
Lisa Thomas, Nursing
Zahra Tohidinia, Marketing
Rui Rui Zhang, Fashion Design and Retailing

Non-Voting Steering Committee Members:

Cara Pina, Biology, Director of Mentoring


Funding Subcommittee
Subcommittee members review all requests for funding and make recommendations to the Associate VPAA.

     Funding Subcommittee members:
     Lissa Bollettino
     Joyce Faraj-Ardura
     May Hara
     Jim McQuaid
     Satish Penmatsa
     Keri Straka

Faculty/Librarian Scholarship and Creative Practice Subcommittee
Subcommittee members organize and execute programming relating to faculty and librarian research and creative practice.

     Faculty/Librarian Scholarship and Creative Practice Subcommittee members:
     Lissa Bollettino
     Joanne Britland
     Rongbing Liu
     Zahra Tohidinia

Events Subcommittee
Subcommittee members organize and execute regularly offered yearly events, including soliciting and reviewing proposals, creative programs, and publicizing the events.

     Events Subcommittee members:
     Santosha Adhibhatta
     Kim Arditte Hall
     Lissa Bollettino
     May Hara
     Sarah Mulhall Adelman
     Evelyn Perry

Advising, Service, and Pedagogy Subcommittee
Subcommittee members organize and execute programming relating to advising, teaching, leadership, and service.

     Advising, Service, and Pedagogy Subcommittee members:
     May Hara
     Audrey Kali
     Michael Krul
     Aviva Liebert
     David Smailes
     Rui Rui Zhang

Mentoring Subcommittee
Subcommittee members organize and execute programming relating to mentoring and career/leadership development.

     Mentoring Subcommittee members:
     May Hara
     Cara Pina
     Robin Robinson
     Folashadé Solomon
     Lisa Thomas

Grants and External Communications Subcommittee
Subcommittee members organize and execute programming relating to grant funding, review and maintain CELTSS website, and work with Library staff on the FSU Digital Repository.

     Grants and External Communications Subcommittee members:
     Lissa Bollettino
     Denise Brown
     Rebecca Dowgiert

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Subcommittee
Subcommittee is composed of one representative from each of the above Subcommittees. Members of the DEI Subcommittee support the advancement of equity, inclusive practice, and antiracism in the work of the respective Subcommittee on which they sit.

     Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Subcommittee members: