Complaint Procedure

Students enrolled at Framingham State University may issue a complaint in a variety of ways depending upon the nature of the concern. Concerns regarding grade appeals are handled through the Undergraduate Grade Appeal Process; the grade appeal process for graduate students can be found on pages 16-18 of the Graduate Catalog.

Other concerns involving faculty or instructional personnel are managed through the procedures outlined in the Massachusetts State University Department Chairs Handbook. Specifically, the Conflict Resolution procedures should be followed when bringing a complaint.

Other types of complaints (e.g. Title IX claims, EEO claims, etc.) may be addressed through specific procedures contained in the current edition of the Ram Student Handbook.

In addition to the above, if you are a student, former student, faculty, staff, or parent of a student and you believe that an institution of higher education operating in Massachusetts is not operating in compliance with state requirements (as set forth in 610 CMR 2.00 or other state law or regulations) or its own policies and procedures, you may file a complaint with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

Students enrolled in online courses who are residents of states other than Massachusetts, and when such state is a SARA participating state, may submit complaints by completing the Student Complaint Form for Online Courses. Efforts will be made to determine the appropriate course of action, and the student will be notified within 10 days following the receipt of a complaint.

Finally, consistent with 610 CMR 12.00 , "a student who receives SARA distance education from an institution approved by the Board to operate under SARA may, after exhausting the institution’s procedures for resolution of grievances, file a written complaint regarding the institution with the Department (of Higher Education). The Department shall make complaint forms available on its website:"

Please note, SARA Complaints are only eligible to be filed by 100% online/distance education students residing in SARA member states and territories other than Massachusetts only. Online students who are Massachusetts residents and students in Non-SARA Member States or Territories (e.g., California, Guam, etc.), after exhausting Framingham State University’s complaint and appeals procedures, may instead file a complaint with the Department of Higher Education using the general complaint form.