Welcome to the College of Business!

The College of Business (CoB), FSU’s newest college, is home to three academic departments with eight undergraduate programs of study. The 800 undergraduate majors and 100 graduate students in the CoB share a common interest in the multi-faceted world of business. Students in the CoB have a diverse array of opportunities to learn about financial markets, business ethics, the global dimensions of business, data analytics, economics, strategic decision-making, marketing, principles of management, information management tools, and teamwork. Students in the CoB have a wide range of options for internships with local businesses or with one of FSU’s academic centers, such as the MetroWest Economic Research Center (MERC) or the Entrepreneur Innovation Center (EIC). Students have the opportunity to work closely with our accomplished and talented faculty to present research at national conferences; to get coached by top industry executives; and to learn about the international world of business by studying abroad. Most of our programs are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) and are designed to prepare students for all of the challenges and rewards of the workplace of today and the future.



Management and Business & Information

Management and Business & Information Technology

Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Meet The Dean

The College of Business provides students with a broad and rigorous curriculum that is internationally accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). The faculty in the College of Business all bring a combination of scholarship and experience in the business world to our students, challenging them to develop the skills and competencies that they will need to become our leaders of the future.

Susan Dargan, PhD

Interim Dean of Business

"As Dean of Business, I am honored to work with such a dedicated group of faculty, who strive to provide our students with comprehensive and well-structured programs that position them for success in a wide range of fields upon graduation. It is gratifying to speak with our students and alumni who have taken advantage of all that our College of Business has to offer and have achieved many successes as a result."