Domestic Violence Unit

The Framingham State University Police Department has a fully trained domestic violence unit. This unit will help victims through the entire criminal judicial system and in obtaining a restraining order against the abuser. This unit works closely with the district court, the Framingham Police Department's domestic violence unit and several departments within the University that will assist victims through emotional crisis. If you feel you are a victim of domestic violence you may contact us at 508-626-4911. All reports are kept confidential.

Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse

A woman who is being battered may:

  • Worry that he will be jealous.
  • Be afraid of his temper.
  • Go along with just about anything he says or does.
  • Avoid friends.
  • Seldom be seen with him in public.
  • Have low self esteem.
  • Constantly apologize for his behavior
  • Allow him to make all the decisions.
  • May drink or use drugs.

 A man who is battering a woman may:

  • Be very jealous.
  • Have a very bad temper.
  • Have difficulty showing his feelings other than anger.
  • Threaten to hurt her, himself or children.
  • Criticize and put her down, especially in front of others.
  • Believe that woman are not as good as men.
  • Abuse pets.
  • Control all the money.
  • Drink heavily or use drugs, often insisting that she join him.
  • Throw things at the woman, or hit, shove and kick her.

 Important Contact Numbers

  • Framingham State University Police Department Domestic Violence Unit: (508) 626-4911
  • Framingham State University Counseling Center: (508) 626-4640
  • Framingham State University Health Services: (508) 626-4900
  • Middlesex County Domestic Violence Unit Advocate: (508) 872-4355
  • Metro West Help Line: 508-620-2347
  • Voices Against Violence: (800) 593-1125

Domestic Violence! It Can Happen! What You Need To Know!

If you would like further information or you would like to sponsor a domestic violence training program through our crime prevention unit contact Sergeant Karen Nicholas at 508-626-4911 or via e-mail at

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