New Feature!! Now you can add 'Calendar' as a resource and your event will appear on the Framingham State Event Calendar


Our Online Reservation System, 25Live

The Campus Events scheduling system has been upgraded to a web based system - 25Live.  All Faculty, Staff, and Student clubs are encouraged to submit all requests via the Event Creation tab of 25live.  You may access this site from both on and off campus:

Please visit https://25live.collegenet.com/framingham to schedule your events, now.

The Event Creation and Event Wizard can be used to request space, equipment, and services in 25Live. You will need to Sign In to 25Live, using your domain credentials, to view any user preferences you set and to request your events.

FSU Staff, Faculty and Student Clubs can now make event requests via 25Live.

Information on submitting a request via 25Live is available by downloading the following guides:

Creating repeating events with the event form

Creating events with the event form

Adding additional time to your event form

Please contact the Office of Campus Events for any specific questions regarding 25Live.

Please note

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended web browser for 25Live. Currently, Internet Explorer is not fully compatible with 25Live and some using Internet Explorer will need to adjust the browsers' "Compatibility View" to access 25Live. Use of Internet Explorer is not recommended.

The tablet version (iOS) of Safari is not currently compatible with 25Live. Google Chrome is recommended for iPad users. 25Live has limited functionality on smart phones.

Individuals and Organizations Outside of Framingham State

Individuals and organizations unaffiliated with Framingham State can request a space for an event by sending an e-mail to: reservations@framingham.edu

What is 25Live?

25Live is a web-based scheduling and event publishing product developed by CollegeNET.  The software package provides one centralized scheduling system, and data repository for events held at Framingham State University, yet allows individual users to maintain some of their personal scheduling preferences.  25Live enables users to view event information and request the use of space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with Internet capabilities.

Who can use 25Live?

25Live can be viewed by anyone who visits the website.  The default view allows visitors to view basic event and location information.  Access to request the use of space and resources and view user preferences is only available after logging into the system with a valid Framingham State user name and password.

25Live is the only recognized tool to schedule events and request the use of space, services, and equipment.

25Live is the system of record on campus and is used by all requesters, schedulers, service providers, help desk personnel, and dispatchers.  It is the only recognized tool for obtaining services, reserving space, publicizing events, and obtain space utilization data.

What if I want to use a space on campus that needs departmental approval?

Access to our online reservation system is available 24/7/. However, there may be some dates which you will be unable to book at certain times. For instance, you may not be able to book a classroom for the upcoming semester if classes have yet to be scheduled.  You may also not be able to book out past a certain date in future months if the date is too far away.  If you have any questions or inquires about a specific date you are looking to book, please call the Office of Campus Events at 508 626 4092. Requests for departmental space will be routed to the authorized space approver within 25Live.  View location detail tab to see if a location is departmental. 

When may I submit my request for space or services?

Requests may be submitted anytime.  We may keep the request in our queue and process at a later date.  Requests must be submitted with a minimum of 48 hours before the event or meeting date. Requests for activities occurring on the same day will not be considered.

If you have any questions or concerns about our online reservation system, please email our Reservation Assistants at reservations@framingham.edu, or give them a call at extension 4092.