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Data from Institutional Research

While reporting is often done through the Institutional Research Office, it should be noted that the IR office seldom "owns" the data that it uses. While many data on campus are available to IR, the IR office takes special care to use it correctly. The IR office depends on the expertise and guidance from owners of the data in each area.

Official or public data are typically mandated by state or federal education systems such as the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education or IPEDS (Intergraded Postsecondary Education Data System). These data are collected and reported by IR and in turn, are routinely requested by other higher education agencies and will appear in publications and guide books.

Examples of these data include, fall enrollment/headcount, annual degrees conferred/completions, annual enrollment/FTE, retention and graduation rates, admissions, fall staff and day division faculty counts, measures of student success and readiness.

Most of the data available from IR are aggregate in nature. That is, there are no individual identifying factors that can be tied back to specific students, faculty, or staff. Please note that the IR office will not release any unit-record raw-data (data with identifying factors) except under specific conditions. Requests for data about individuals should go to the responsible office (for example, a student roster request should be directed to the Registrar’s Office).

Data Available

Many data (as referenced above) are already compiled and available for faculty and staff. Specific reports updated annually are available on an internal shared drive; please contact IR if you need access.

Data Request Form

In order to make a formal data request to the Office of Institutional Research please fill out and submit the Institutional Research Data Request Form. Please click on the link below to access the form:

Data Request Form

Please do not include sensitive data such as SSN, Banner ID, or other unique identifiers in the request. If needed, these data should be included subsequently on the internal shared drive.