FSU Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships are awarded based upon academic success and sometimes financial need (determined from the FAFSA).  They are awarded to both new and returning students. 

Freshmen and transfer students will be evaluated for scholarships based upon their admissions application, including official transcripts.

FSU will identify all students who are eligible for the various scholarships and will make awards according to merit, need, or a combination of both considerations. Scholarship descriptions are listed below. 

Foundation Scholarships are made available through the generous support of donors to the University. These scholarships are part of the overall pool of financial aid resources available, and many are based on financial need. If you have been awarded need-based aid by the University, a Foundations Scholarship may be awarded later to replace some of the funding you have received. You may be asked to write a letter to the scholarship donor if you receive such an award. Without the support of the Foundation, we would be unable to award need-based financial aid to students at current levels.

Please note:
  1. You must have a current FAFSA on file to be considered for or to be renewed for any scholarship with a need-based component. If you do not have a FAFSA on file - you should consider completing one as soon as possible.
  2. If your scholarship has a merit component, such as a minimum QPA, you must remain eligible under the scholarship's criteria in order to be renewed for that scholarship.

Scholarship Descriptions/Requirements

The Mancuso English, Humanities, and Social & Behavioral Sciences Scholarships

Through a generous donation in 2017, the Mancuso Scholarships were created to support academically strong FSU students who demonstrate financial need and who choose to major in English or specified majors in the Humanities/Social & Behavioral Sciences. They will allow Mancuso Scholars the financial resources to fully experience college life, and encourage recipients to link robust career preparation and extra-curricular activities with academic work in order to better position Mancuso Scholars for post-college, entry-level positions. These four-year, renewable scholarships provide support for 100% of Day Division tuition, fees, and room and board for Mancuso Scholars for up to eight total semesters (excludes Continuing Education and summer coursework at FSU). Learn more about the Mancuso Scholarships.

Dr. Arthur G. Chaves Scholarship

Established in memory of Dr. Arthur Chaves, a longtime member of the Framingham State University community, by his family. The scholarship is available to a upperclass student with an education-focused major. Recipients must have demonstrated financial need and preference will be given to students on the Dean’s List, and graduates of Framingham, Mass. high schools.

Alumni Association Leadership Scholarship

Established by the Board of Directors of the FSU Alumni Association in 2012. The scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who meets the following criteria: Has completed at least four semesters at FSU; has at least a 2.8 cumulative grade point average; is in good academic and judicial standing; has demonstrated a level of engagement to the FSU community.

Diversity Scholarship

The recipient must be either a Minority or International student.

Barbara Thayer Brown Scholarship

Available to academically strong students who major in Elementary or Early Childhood Education or have a minor in Secondary Education.  Eligibility will be based primarily on academic merit with financial need also considered.  A minimum CQPA of 3.25 is required.

Marjorie Morgan Brown Scholarship

Established in honor of Marjorie Morgan Brown who graduated from Framingham State University in 1958 with a major in Elementary Education. The scholarship recipient must be a full-time undergraduate majoring in Education who is a resident of Holliston , MA or a graduate of Holliston High School and demonstrate financial need.

Adelina Acchione Cellucci Scholarship

Established in memory of Adelina Acchione Cellucci by her daughters, Carmela M. Hilbert (Class of 1946) and Donna Smith (Class of 1943).  The scholarship was established to assist a student planning to enter the teaching profession.  Eligibility requirements include: minimum eight completed courses, full-time student status, Elementary or Early Childhood Education major, high academic standing and a high degree of personal motivation. 

Class of 1954 Scholarship

Established on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Class of 1954.  This $1000 award will be given to a junior or senior majoring in Elementary Education or Family and Consumer Sciences on an alternating basis.  The recipient shall be a Massachusetts resident who maintains a CQPA of 3.0 or better, and has financial need.

Class of 1993 Leadership Scholarship

Established to help benefit student leaders on campus.  The scholarship is available to a full-time junior or senior who is or has been a class officer or executive board member for the class.  Students must have a minimum CQPA of 2.0 and show proven leadership ability as well as outstanding service to the FSU community. 

Dr. Gail E. Cosgrove Scholarship

Available to students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the Framingham State University community, maintained a CQPA of 3.0 or better and have financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office.  Preference will be given to students from the MetroWest area who are Education majors.

Dr. Philip M. Dooher Scholarship

Established in recognition of Dr.Dooher’s 36 years of service (1971-2007). He served in a number administrative positions including, Director of Financial Aid, Dean of Admissions, Vice-President of Enrollment Management, and on two occasions served as Acting President. The Scholarship is open to full time seniors in the Elementary Education Program who have a minimum CQPA of 3.0 and who have demonstrated financial need.

Arthur M. Doyle Scholarship

Dr. Doyle was one of the early advocates for the use of computers in the classroom.  He was committed to making Framingham State University a leader in academic technology.  Dr. Doyle served the College for 34 years, beginning as an assistant professor of physics and rising to the position of full professor and chair of the department before moving to academic administration.  He became Academic Vice President in 1999 and served in that role until his untimely death in 2002.  The award is open to full time students with junior or senior standing and a minimum CQPA of 3.0.

Beth El Tzedek Scholarship Fund

This fund provides an annual scholarship to immigrant students who have completed at least one semester at Framingham State University. The Fund offers an award of $1,000-$2,500 per semester. An application form is required and can be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid, the Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement, or the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Finalists will be invited for an interview with the selection committee. Continuance of this scholarship is contingent upon maintaining a 3.0 GPA.

Priscilla Galvin Sociology Scholarship

Established in memory of Professor Priscilla Galvin by her husband, Robert Galvin. Professor Galvin was a graduate of and longtime faculty member in the Department of Sociology. Her passionate and devoted teaching profoundly impacted countless FSU alumni and encouraged many to join the Sociology major. The scholarship, awarded in the amount of $1,000 is established to support students majoring in Sociology. The scholarship is awarded to current or incoming Sociology majors in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need and a demonstrated commitment to social responsibility or social justice.

Lucy Marcille Gillis Fund

Established in honor of Lucy Marcille Gillis, class of 1919 by her nieces. The scholarship is to be awarded to a female student who demonstrates financial need and has a CQPA of 3.0 or better.

Dr. Alice M. Glover Scholarships

Available to full-time Framingham State University undergraduate science majors "who have demonstrated interest and proficiency in the natural sciences."  A number of these scholarships will be awarded to current students, incoming freshmen and transfer students. A minimum CQPA of 3.0 is maintained.

Goldner Scholarship

Established by the Van Liew family foundation in memory of Professor Anita Goldner. It provides scholarship assistance to undergraduate students in good standing with demonstrated financial need.

Anita M. Goldner Scholarship

Provides assistance to students who are pursing a joint study program in elementary education and mathematics. Professor Goldner served as a professor of mathematics from 1969 to 2005.

Sidney & Katherine Goodstein Scholarship

Awarded to the most deserving and qualified junior or senior in the Food & Nutrition Department.

Louise Guild Nutrition and Biochemistry Scholarship

For students pursing undergraduate or graduate degrees in Nutrition and/or Biochemistry, students who are Nutrition majors (including Dietetics) preferably those who are double majoring or minoring in Biochemistry or Biochemistry majors with a minor in Nutrition. Students interested in pursuing research would receive additional consideration.

Nancy Murphy Hatch Scholarship

Available to full-time undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students seeking Early Childhood or Elementary Education.  Students must have satisfactorily completed one year at Framingham State University, have demonstrated a high degree of personal motivation, maintained a minimum CQPA of 2.75 and have demonstrated financial need.  

Carmela Hilbert Immigrant Scholarship

Established by Carmela Hilbert (class of 1946) in honor of her mother, Adelina Acchione Cellucci. It is available to financially deserving sophomores, juniors and seniors who are immigrants to the United States of America and who have achieved a CQPA of 3.0 or higher.

Margaret Fenwick Hinchcliffe Scholarship

Awarded to students in the senior class who have achieved superior academic standing along with significant involvement in extra-curricular activities on campus or in one's home community. 

Dr. Constance B. Jordan Scholarship

Dr. Jordan, Professor Emeritus, and a member of the Class of 1941, has served the College in many capacities, including faculty member in Food and Nutrition, Chairperson of the Home Economics Department,  Graduate Dean and Trustee of the College. The scholarship is open to applicants who are full-time students with junior or senior standing, and have a minimum CQPA of 3.0.

Robert J. Lemieux Metro West Scholarship

Established to assist academically promising and financially deserving high school graduates of the Metro West area. The scholarship is open to residents of the following Metro West towns: Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick, Sherborn, Southborough, Sudbury, Wayland, and Westborough. A CQPA of "3.0" or better and recipients must maintain full-time status at the University.  

Diane L. Lowe Literacy Scholarship

The Diane L. Lowe Literacy Scholarship, established by longtime FSU faculty member Dr. Diane Lowe, supports students majoring in elementary education who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Susan B. Lyman Scholarship

Established as part of a bequest to Framingham State University in 1897 by Susan B. Lyman.  It is awarded to a deserving, diligent and meritorious sophomore, junior or senior female student demonstrating financial need and a minimum CQPA or 3.0.   

marcocharles.jpgMarco Charles Scholarship

Established in memory of Marco Charles (1980-1997), a talented Haitian-American  student at J.E. Burke High School whose life was tragically cut short before he could  attend college. This scholarship is available to graduates of Boston Public Schools  and is renewable for up to four years. 

Joan Kelleher Martinuzzi Scholarship

Made possible through the generosity of Joan Kelleher Martinuzzi, Class of 1949 and her seven children. Upon graduation from Framingham State University, Mrs. Martinuzzi completed a dietetic internship at the University of Michigan and then embarked on a career as a therapeutic dietitian before starting a family. The scholarship is intended to assist a deserving and motivated degree-seeking student who plans to enter the dietetics profession or a related field. This scholarship is awarded to a junior majoring in Food and Nutrition who meets the above criteria and has a cumulative CQPA of 3.3 or higher

Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Scholarships

Available to students who present exemplary academic credentials combined with evidence of noteworthy achievement in non-academic areas.  All prospective freshmen and/or transfer day division students are eligible as well as returning full-time undergraduate students.  Students must present evidence of a demonstrated talent in one of the following: art, music, drama, creative writing, journalism, school or community leadership, specific academic discipline or other suitable area and evidence of at least one of the following:

A.  Combined SAT scores of at least 1100. 

B.  Weighted high school rank in the top 15 percent. 

C.  Substantial evidence of exceptional academic achievement. 

D.  A CQPA of 3.3 or higher on a 4.0 point scale.

Louisa A. Nicholass Scholarship

Named for the former head of the Household Arts Department.  Prior to coming to Framingham she served as principal of the Mary Hemenway School of Home Economics in Boston.  Due to her efforts and the efforts of others, The American Home Economics Association in Washington, D.C. was established in 1908.  This scholarship is given to students majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences with a minimum CQPA of 3.0.

Ruth Pfeiffer Scholarship

Made possible through the generosity of Ruth A. Pfeiffer, Class of 1922.  Because of her belief that the early years of education are the most important in a person's life, Ms. Pfeiffer has made this award available for an Education major intending to teach kindergarten through grade 4.  Financial need is also a  consideration for this scholarship.

Kenneth Preskenis Scholarship

The Preskenis Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Kenneth Preskenis, a beloved faculty member in the Department of Mathematics at Framingham State University.  The scholarship supports students from South Boston, MA, with a preference for those majoring in mathematics.  The scholarship honors Ken's profound legacy on campus, and recognizes his love of Framingham State, math education, and his hometown of South Boston, where he was a dedicated community volunteer throughout his life.

Dr. Elmer W. Salenius Scholarship

Established by Peter & Cheri Salenius in memory of Peter's father, who was chairman of the FSC English department for 24 years, and who taught at the college from 1953  to 1985, and was the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.) from Framingham State in 1990. The scholarship is awarded to commuter English majors with a QPA of 3.0 or better in their junior or senior year.

Doris Butler Sutton Scholarship

Doris attended the Framingham State Normal School as a member of the class of 1921.  She lived most of her life in Washington, D.C., and died in 1964.  This scholarship is available to undergraduate Family and Consumer Science majors.  Students must have completed eight or more courses in order to qualify.  Financial need is also a consideration for this scholarship.  

The Jose B. Tombs Scholarship

Available to undergraduate students who have completed at least one semester (four courses) at the College, and have declared their major in a basic or applied science.  Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated proficiency in science courses at Framingham State University and have financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office.  

War and Peace Class of 1945 Scholarship

Established on the occasion of its 60th anniversary of graduation.  The scholarship shall be awarded on an alternating basis to an undergraduate student majoring in teacher education and/or subject matter with the intent of becoming a fully licensed teacher; and a student  majoring in Food and Nutrition to meet the basic education requirements of the American Dietetic Association toward full credentialing as a registered dietitian (R.D.).  Recipients must be a full-time junior or senior in the appropriate program, have financial need as determined by the College's Financial Aid Office, a minimum CQPA of 3.0 and Massachusetts residency preferred.  Individuals may only receive this scholarship one time. 

Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni Scholarships

The Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni offers scholarship opportunities from 25 funds each year.  The application form for these scholarships may be found on the association's website at  by clicking on Awards, at the office in Alumni House at 42 Adams Road or by calling 508.872.9770.

Outside Scholarships

Scholarships are available for virtually every major, ethnicity, age, gender, job. Students should check with their high schools, employers or neighborhood organizations to see if scholarships are offered.