Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs

Developing a Proposal

The Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs provides guidance and information about the grant application submission process. We will help you complete the search for potential funders and the proposal development process.

Here are the important steps:

1. Identify the project

  • Specify the purpose, priorities, and goals of the project
  • Develop a list of resources and a budget for the project
  • Consider involving internal collaborators and external partners

2. Research funding sources

  • Search online databases
  • Meet with the OGSP to discuss potential sources of funding
  • Discuss with colleagues their previous partnerships with specific funders

3. Work with the OGSP to contact the sources of funding

  • Learn about FSU’s history of funding from the source
  • Discuss the proposal guidelines and requirements
  • Discuss giving interests

4. Draft and submit the grant application

  • Develop a time frame for writing and submitting the application
  • Edit and refine the narrative
  • Complete a budget for the project
  • Develop and identify attachments, such as financial forms

Framingham State University Resources
The following sources can be used to help make your grant development a success.

Henry Whittemore Library - Library faculty can provide assistance to principal investigators and project directors as they conduct research on grant opportunities.

Campus Events - Campus Events will help coordinate grant-connected activities at Framingham State University.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness - The Office of Institutional Effectiveness can provide data regarding Framingham State's activities, enrollment, and faculty.

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