welcomeInternational Student - Undergraduate Admissions

Please see the Admissions website for complete instructions and forms for applying to Framingham State University as an undergraduate.

International Student - Graduate Admissions

Please see the Graduate Programs for complete instructions to apply to Framingham State University as a graduate student.  Please note:  F-1 visa holders must enroll in a full-time graduate program.  Graduate students must submit a Certificate of Finance Form, passport copy, and proof of available funds in order for the office to issue an I-20 to apply for the F-1 visa.

English Language Program - Full-time Intensive

Please see the ELP website for complete instructions and forms for applying to the full-time intensive English Language Program.  In order to enroll in the full-time intensive program, students must have been granted an F-1 visa.  For students who have entered the US on a B1/B2 visa and wish to study at FSU, once you have applied to the English Language Program, you will apply to US Customs and Immigration Services to change your tourist status to student.  Approval of your petition can take up to a year.  It is NOT recommended to apply for a change of status as if you need to return home, it is highly unlikely you will be able to secure an F-1 visa to re-enter the US to continue your studies. 

International Exchange Students

Incoming study abroad students from our partner universities may attend FSU either for a semester or an academic year. If you are not certain your university has a partnership with FSU, please check with your home university International Programs Office. 

The University is pleased to support many opportunities for students to enhance their academic career and experience education in a different environment!

  • What can I study? Any academic discipline offered by the university except our Nursing program is open to visiting students.
  • Academic Calendar/Deadlines
  • Course Catalog - please see the Registrar's website for complete details
    • Courses offered for upcoming semester
    • General listing of university offerings (not all courses are offered every semester)
  • Financial Information
  • FSU Study Abroad Application Form