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What is Cooperative Education?

Cooperative Education has been defined by educators as a "structured educational strategy that integrates classroom studies with learning through productive work experiences in a field related to a student's academic or career goals." The student, educational institution, and employer agree to work together to enhance the educational experience. Students are able to apply their learning to real world problems under the guidance of a supervisor, while employers are able to assess a student's abilities with a view toward hiring upon graduation.

Full versus Part-time Cooperative Experience Options

Part-Time Cooperative Education

The computer science department offers a part-time cooperative education experience that requires 10-12 hours of work per week over the course of 15 weeks for 1 course credit or 20-24 hours per week for 2 course equivalency.  This is done in addition to taking academic courses to fulfill the full-time day course load. Employers who need someone to fill in over a short term, or who only have need of part-time help may find this an ideal solution.

Full-Time Cooperative Education

Many employers have indicated that given the expense of training the student, they would like to have the student for a six month period working 35-40 hour work weeks. We have implemented this program in order to meet that need. Employers promise to return the student to the institution to complete their degrees before hiring them into permanent positions.

What Framingham State University expects from Cooperative Education Employers

Companies that would like to hire our computer science students as part of the cooperative education program commit to:

  1. Meeting with the Cooperative Education Coordinator.
  2. Providing a supervisor to mentor and guide the student.
  3. Expecting and insisting upon professionalism on the part of the student.
  4. Ensuring that students are performing computer science /information technology related tasks.
  5. Completing a mid-semester and end-of-semester review of the student's performance
    which is shared with the student and the cooperative education coordinator.
  6. Providing feedback to the program coordinator about the program.
  7. Not extending a full-time employment offer until the student completes the degree.

The Process to Become a Partner

  1. Complete an application form with job description and contact information.
  2. Meet with the program coordinator to discuss the position and desired skills of the candidate.
  3. Review the candidates, interviews those they are interested in, and provides coordinator with their selection
  4. Provide contact information for student supervisor.
  5. Finalize hiring process with student.
  6. Submit a mid-session and end session report on student performance.
  7. Provide feedback about the program itself.
  8. Solicit student's feedback about learning experience.
  9. Advise the coordinator of additional positions in a timely manner.

Contact the Program Coordinator

Contact the program Coordinator, Conny Breuning via email (best) at cbreuning@framingham.edu or by phone at 508-626-4721.  During the summer it is advisable to contact the Computer Science Secretary, Deb Ferullo at 508-626-4712 or email dferullo@framingham.edu to leave a message for the Program Coordinator.