Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP) is pleased to offer guidance to faculty, administrators and staff on the grant application process.  The OGSP’s mission is to assist with identifying, developing and submitting grant applications for scholarly projects that enhance and inspire student learning.

The OGSP provides expertise in two types of funding: government agency support (public) and independent and corporate foundation funding (private).

We encourage all faculty and staff who are interested in pursuing a grant for their project to contact the OGSP as soon as possible, so that we may guide you through this process.  We have invested substantial resources to help you locate grant opportunities and to submit successful proposals.  Below are links to various sections of the OGSP website to help get you started.

  • Additional Links

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Contains a list of commonly asked questions that appear during the grant application writing process.  While every applications is different, there is a strong chance a few of your questions will be answered here.

    Fast Facts - Contains a list of commonly used information needed to draft a grant application.  Information such as FSU rates and other pertinent numbers can be found here.

    Grant Funders - Offers links to FSU's available resources, including digital databases at the Henry Whittemore Library.  Also, the OGSP has access to additional information about funding sources.

    Developing a Proposal - Provides assistance in helping principal investigators and project directors refine the project idea and ensure that the narrative portion of the grant application meets the funder's requirements.

    Developing a Budget - Contains information that the principal investigator requires in order to draft a budget for the grant application.  Due to the complexity of this process, we recommend that all principal investigators contact the OGSP for assistance.

    Post-Award - Provides an overview of the process once the funds have been received.

    Recent Awards - See the most recent awards received by the FSU community.

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