Crime Prevention Unit

The Framingham State University Police Department recognizes the need to share our crime prevention techniques with the community. We would also like to remind the members of Framingham State University that personal safety is an individual and community wide responsibility.

Our Department offers various crime prevention programs available to students, faculty and staff. If any student group, class or residence hall would like to sponsor a crime prevention program please contact Sergeant Karen Nicholas at 508-626-4911 or via e-mail at

Sexual Assault Program

Taught by members of our Sexual Assault Unit, this program offers a reality look at sexual assaults on campuses. This program defines rape and sexual assault crimes as it applies to Massachusetts General Laws. The program will help you to understand the attacker and how to identify one. It also offers tips on how to help prevent being attacked, what to do if you are assaulted and an in-depth look into club drugs and drug facilitated assaults.

Domestic Violence Program

This program will clearly define domestic abuse and offer a look at warning signs of an abusive relationship. It will show the cycle of violence along with answers to the question, "Why do people stay in an abusive relationship?" The program will explain police intervention and the role of the police during a domestic situation; it will also provide some guidelines to follow to stay safe.

Alcohol Awareness Program

This program offers several facts about the dangers of alcohol and alcohol poisoning. It looks at what to do and what not to do if someone is in need of medical assistance due to alcohol. The program also offers facts and myths about alcohol on University campuses.

Self-Defense Program

The Self-Defense program teaches individuals to depend on themselves to be responsible in decision making and gives them a realization of physical power. It not only empowers individuals but changes their lives. For more information on this program contact Sergeant Karen Nicholas at 508-626-4911 or via e-mail at

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