Beacon Award

The Beacon Award is given to members of the Framingham State University community who go above and beyond their responsibilities to make noteworthy contributions that help advance inclusive excellence at FSU. These individuals have demonstrated recognizable efforts related to diversity, inclusion, equity and/or social justice to help enrich experiences for our faculty, staff and students. Self-nominations are also accepted.

Inclusive Excellence

As a guiding principle, Inclusive Excellence is meant to include and engage the rich diversity of students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni and community constituents in the overall success of the university. Thus, we recognize this work to be a journey of discovery and transformation for every aspect and level of the university.

Past Winners:

  • Staff:
    • Aynsley Rosenbaum, Athletics 
    • Education Technology Office
    • Jennifer Hyde, International Education
    • Library Diversity Advisory Committee (LDAC), led by Samantha Westall & Deborah Hogan
    • Marcie Dineen, Residence Life
    • Meghan Maxfield, Food and Nutrition, Fashion Design and Retailing, Math, and Geography Departments
    • Millie Gonzalez, Library
    • Uyen Hong, College Planning Collaborative
  • Faculty:
    • Dr. Bridgette Sheridan, History
    • Dr. Catherine Dignam, Chemistry
    • Dr. Elizabeth Whalley, Sociology
    • Dr. Everton Vargas da Costa
    • Dr. Joycelyn Faraj, Food & Nutrition
    • Dr. Kelly Matthews, English
    • Dr. LaToya Tavernier, Sociology
    • Dr. Lina Rincon, Sociology
    • Dr. Lisa Eck, English
    • Dr. Maria A. Bollettino, History
    • Dr. Megan Lehnerd, Food & Nutrition
    • Dr. Mirari Elcoro, Psychology
    • Dr. Patricia Sanchez-Connally, Sociology
    • Dr. Phoebe Lin, Psychology
    • Dr. Rebecca Shearman, Biology
    • Dr. Zeynep Gonen, Sociology
  • Students:
    • Abigail Salvucci
    • Emily Pacheco
    • Leanna Lynch
    • Madison Bruno
    • Palloma Jovita
I.E. Focus AreaDescription
Access & EquityThe compositional number and success levels of historically underrepresented students, faculty and staff.
ClimateDevelopment of psychological and behavioral climate supportive of all students, faculty & staff.
Diversity in the Curriculum/
Diversity content in courses, programs and experiences across the institution and in the social dimensions of the campus environment.
Intercultural Learning & DevelopmentAcquisition of content knowledge about diverse groups and cultures and the development of cognitive complexity.
Community & Civic EngagementDevelopment of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to build partnerships and social capital for the betterment of our communities.

Framingham State University Beacon Award Nomination Form

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Reason for Nomination

  • Intentional efforts that have resulted in increased diversity (i.e. racial/ethnic, gender, etc.) within a particular department, program or initiative; more equitable outcomes.
  • Intentional efforts that have closed achievement gaps and/or resulted in more equitable outcomes for underrepresented students, faculty, or staff.

  • Activities or events that have been intentionally inclusive and promoted a sense of belonging for all FSU community members, with a particular focus on those from historically underserved ort marginalized groups.
  • Intentional efforts to proactively address and/or reduce bias incidents based on race, ethnicity, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, religion, or any other cultural identity through restorative justice or other measures.

  • Development of courses, assignments, academic and co-curricular programs, or events that with central themes focused on diversity, inclusion, and/or interculturalism.
  • Development, support and/or expansion of campus centers, institutes, and departments dedicated to exploring topics related to diversity, inclusion, social justice, and interculturalism.

  • Development of workshops, lectures, and other events that promote the acquisition of knowledge about diverse groups and cultures.
  • Intentional efforts that create an enhanced sense of ethnic, racial, and cultural identity for all students.

  • Development of initiatives, programs and activities that promote civic learning (i.e. advancement of knowledge, skills, values and competencies that citizens in a democracy need to carry out their civic responsibility).
  • Leads FSU participation in community service activities through reciprocal partnerships with public, private and non-profit organizations, to address critical social issues for the region.

Thank you for your Nomination for the FSU Beacon Award. Nominations are reviewed by the FSU Beacon Awards Committee monthly. If your nominee is selected, you will be notified via the contact information provided. 

For additional information, please contact:
Jerome Burke
Director, Center for Inclusive Excellence
Framingham State University