Managing involves organizing activities and coordinating resources; is achieving the objectives of an organization effectively executing strategy to reach the financial and strategic goals set up. Management requires knowledge and skills of different areas such as strategy, finance, accounting, international business and marketing. 

A Management major is focused at student who are interested in the management of organizations such as businesses, governments, nonprofits or other. Students will study a wide array of topics in the functional areas of accounting, finance, operations, marketing and strategy with the possibility to minor or concentrate in specific fields.  A broad set of minors, concentrations and electives are available for this major and represent an opportunity for a management major to specialize even further.

What are your career possibilities?

Any organization is a potential employer for a management major. The goal of a management student is to be able to coordinate others as well as understanding how to work with others in an organizational setting. The knowledge of a Management major is vast and cover multiple disciplines with makes the student capable of entering into multiple different tasks.