Travel Information for Faculty and Librarians

Travel Procedures

In order to guarantee timely approval and reimbursement for expenses, faculty and librarians who travel on official Framingham State University business must complete the following steps (regardless of funding source(s)). Examples of professional travel include:

  • Attending an off-campus meeting
  • Observing a student teacher
  • Attending a conference


Step 1 (prior to travel): Complete the Travel Authorization for Faculty/Librarians

The department administrative assistant will be able to help once this form is completed in full.

Note: If travel is being paid for by an organization other than Framingham State University, complete the Privately Subsidized Travel Form.  **This form requires the President's signature.


Step 2 (prior to travel): Complete the Travel Outside the Commonwealth Form

Note: ONLY complete this step if travel will take place outside of Massachusetts. Regulations require that this document be completed at least one week prior to any out-of-state travel. This form must be completed for all out-of-state travel, even if no university funds are being used.  Completing this step will result in creating the General Encumbrance number required for out-of-state travel. 


Step 3 (while traveling): Collect all original receipts

Original receipts must include:

  • Date & time
  • Cost
  • Method of payment (e.g. cash, check*, or credit card)
    • * Cancelled check front and back copy or bank printout with check numbers under it
  • Proof of payment (i.e. a balance of zero)

Note: Credit card statements will not be accepted as a receipt.


Step 4 (after travel): Complete the Travel Expense Voucher

After travelling, complete this form (which can be found on myFramingham using the "Form Search" widget) within 30 days from the start date of the related travel. However, if it is near the end of the fiscal year (the last date of which is June 30), please be aware of submission deadlines.  

Along with the travel expense voucher, also include:

  • A copy of the travel itinerary and/or conference agenda, where applicable
  • All boarding passes
  • Hotel receipts
  • Internet printouts (if travel is booked via the internet)

Regarding the form, please note:

  • All foreign exchanges need to be converted. In addition to the receipts, the traveler will need to provide a hard-copy print-out of the conversions used. The following website can help make any necessary conversions:
  • For mileage reimbursements:
    • The current mileage rate can be found on the IRS website by searching for "standard mileage rate [YEAR]"
    • Mileage will be reimbursed for the shortest distance to the destination from either the traveler’s home or the University, whichever is closer.  Mileage reimbursement must include a map showing the origin, destination, and number of miles traveled in total. The number of miles should not be rounded up/down. 

Note: If travelling out-of-state, all travel forms, documents, and receipts relating to this travel must reference the General Encumbrance number (obtained after completing Step 2 (prior to travel): Travel Outside the Commonwealth Form).  


Field Trips

Faculty who would like to request funding for student field trips may complete the following forms: