Careers for English Majors

How does the FSU English major prepare you for a job?

In Falling Short? College Learning and Career Success (2015), Hart Research Associates reported on the results of a survey designed to learn “which learning outcomes employers believe are most important to be able to succeed in today’s economy.” The survey of 400 employers found a high percentage identified the following abilities to be essential:

• The ability to effectively communicate orally (85%)
• The ability to effectively communicate in writing (82%)
• The ability to work effectively with others in teams (83%)
• Critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills (81%)
• The ability to analyze and solve complex problems (70%)
• The ability to locate, organize, and evaluate information from multiple sources (68%)
• The ability to innovate and be creative (65%)

These are exactly the abilities and skills you will learn as an English major, and before you graduate, you can apply them in an internship, which will allow you to acquire real-world work experience.

  • English Alumni Careers

    Melina Bourdeau, ’16, is a reporter for The Greenfield Recorder

    Kaila Braley, ’15, is a marketing assistant at Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

    Spencer Buell, ’13, is a news reporter for Boston Magazine

    Lauren Campbell, ’15, is an assistant content producer at NESN

    Daniel Castaldy, ’12, is a talent acquisition partner at Centage

    Nora Chan, ’16, is a project manager at Publishing Solutions Group 

    Lindsay Chase, ’11, is an assistant director at TechTarget

    Natalie Chaves, ’16, is a technical writer at Schneider Electric

    Zachary Comeau, ’13, is a staff writer for New England Business Media

    Cesareo Contreras, ’19, is a reporter for The Milford Daily News

    Hadley Cook, ’17, is a senior brand associate at Sallie Mae

    Erin Dempsey, ’18, is a grants & stewardship coordinator at the Boys & Girls Club of Brockton

    Madison Dennis, ’10, is a social media manager at MAPFRE Insurance

    Lauren Finnegan, ’11, is a product marketing manager at Dell EMC

    Jonathan Golden, ’15, is the library director at St. Mark’s School

    Alexandra Gomes, ’17, is a marketing assistant at MCR Labs

    Samantha Hamel, ’11, is a senior proposal writer at Idemia Identity and Security, USA

    Stephanie Grace, ’13, is an English teacher at Austin Preparatory School

    Sara Mulkeen, ’10, is a manager of digital communications and interactive media at Framingham State University

    Emily Robinson, ’18, is a graphic design and marketing coordinator for the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children  

    Mike Scarfo, ’16, is an English teacher at Andover High School

    Carey Scouler, ’14, is a proofreader at National Braille Press

    Krysten St. John, ’14, is an English teacher at Herberg Middle School in Pittsfield