Chemistry and Food Science

A unique partnership of related fields that enriches both and offers more options to students

ACS Approved Program LogoThe Department of Chemistry and Food Science is unique in that it offers strong majors in two fields. The programs complement one other, producing Food Science majors with an exceptionally strong background in chemistry, and providing Chemistry and Biochemistry majors with the opportunity to take electives in more applied areas such as food chemistry, food analysis, and food engineering. Undergraduate research opportunities are also enhanced by the combination of these program areas. The outstanding achievement records, employment opportunities, and graduate school placements enjoyed by Department graduates attest to the strength of these programs.

An excellent undergraduate education is provided by the structured curricula of the Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Food Science majors. Each program satisfies the University's General Education Domain II-B (Natural Sciences) and laboratory requirements. Go to bottom of page for links to specific course requirements for all majors and concentrations.

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