Meet our Students

Pietro Rossini (Italy) is one of many international students who have studied with us. As a result of his study in the English Language Programs, he received the scores he needed on the TOEFL exam to be admitted to one of the top universities in Boston, MA, where he will pursue a Master's Degree in Journalism beginning in Fall 2021.

Skarlett Valenzuela (Colombia) shares her experience of learning English at Framingham State University's English Language Programs. She studied TOEFL Preparation as well as Topical Discussions, Reading & Pronunciation.

Ricardo Gugliermini (Italy) shares why he decided to sign up for the TOEFL preparation course with the English Language Programs at FSU.

Our Students

Student Spotlight
Jungyoon Yoon, Seoul, South Korea

Academic English Language Programs

"I am studying at FSU English language programs to prepare for my enrollment in a dental program. Apart from all the academic support, teachers at FSU are always suggesting great books to read and interesting places to go. I have become more confident in communicating with others and have noticed improvement in my vocabulary and pronunciation skills."  

Student Spotlight
Amir Mahdavi, Tehran, Iran

Academic English Language Programs

"Thanks to FSU's English Programs, I gained admittance to graduate studies at Harvard University. FSU helped accelerate my learning process and improve my TOEFL score. All my teachers were professional in teaching English and helped me understand more about American culture and the educational system."


Student Spotlight
Angie Ruiz Valencia, Cali, Colombia

Community English Language Program

"I am studying at FSU English Language Programs to have better opportunities in my personal life. In my country, I am an attorney and my goal is to continue my profession in the US. In one year, my English has improved greatly and has helped me to get a better job. I highly recommend this program.”