Head shot of Laura Lovaton FSU Graduate

"Completing this program has been one of the most gratifying and enriching experiences of my life. I have grown as a teacher and a student. Overall, this program has given me the knowledge to become a better leader and instructor; adding new ideas, strategies and methods to my teaching. I have learned new skills through discussions, research. reading, investigating, applying technology and doing projects that will improve my practice as an educator and make me a better human being."- Laura Lovaton, Santo Domingo '13

"This Masters of Education program was extremely fulfilling and beneficial. I can honestly say that I have grown tremendously as an educator over the past two years, and I hope to continue this positive trend of self evaluation and professional development that I have gained through our studies and collaborative efforts." -Zakariya A. Latif, Bucheon, Korea '14

Head shot of Sara Villareal Graduate of FSU

"I have to say that this master's program has helped me not only academically, but personally in so many ways. I feel I have learned the world in these two years, and although I know there is plenty more to still learn, I am so proud to put into practice all the knowledge I gained." - Sara Villarreal Gil, Managua, Nicaragua '15

Head shot of Monica-Otilia Ghicu FSU Graduate

"The courses I took during this Masters program were very different from each other in content, nature and approach, but looking back I see them all like the pieces of a puzzle, which represent an overall guiding outline of what contemporary international education should be and of what my role is in this context. There was such a wealth of information shared and imparted during these courses together. I see it like a bank of knowledge, a set of resources, a toolbox of practices and beliefs that I know where to find and how to access whenever needed."-Monica-Otilia Ghicu, Xiamen, China '15

Head shot of Floyd Masga FSU Instructor

"Overall the program is a must for anyone seeking a Master's in Education. The structure of the program is advantageous within our area given that the focus is on courses necessary to provide different educational requirements within our Commonwealth. In addition the cost is a great factor, making it affordable to all within our community. With that said I copiously endorse the Framingham State University Master's Program in Education."-Floyd Masga, Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands '15

Head shot of Rachel and Nathan Stotts FSU Graduates

“Framingham gave us the in-class option that we were looking for at a price that we could afford. We didn't feel "we were getting our money's worth" rather, we got an excellent education at a tremendous value. We enjoyed our classes, the content, instructors, and our fantastic cohort classmates.”- Rachel Stotts & Nathan Lucas, Suwon, Korea ‘15


"As an Army Officer’s spouse, I travelled to many foreign countries and still wanted to develop my career. I was introduced to Framingham University by peers and soon after I began teaching overseas, I applied to The Master of Education (M.Ed.) with a concentration in International Teaching. As a parent and full time teacher, I was able to further my education as an educator while living and working abroad. This could not have been possible without this specific program which is tailored so professors can provide a quality education to English-speaking teachers who live in various parts of the world. The courses, professors and peers from Framingham University were an inspiration to me, and because of this positive and rewarding experience, I aimed even higher once I completed the Master’s Program. The quality of instructors and the support Framingham provided to me was the stepping stone I needed to continue through my educational path, and accomplish my goal to be become a doctor in the field of education. " -Victoria Saenz-Grimm, Costa Rica '12