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Involvement Opportunities

The Center for Inclusive Excellence is looking for members to join the new Programming Committee. Faculty, staff, and students are part of the committee and represent various areas on campus. The committee works together to plan and promote events that celebrate cultures, identity, and other diverse student backgrounds on campus. Traditional events include:

  • Heritage and Awareness Month Programming:

    • Hispanic (Latinx) Heritage Month September, 15th - October 15th
    • National Deaf Awareness Month, September
    • Deaf Awareness Month, September 
    • LGBT+History Month, October
    • Access+Ability Month, October 
    • Native American Heritage Month, November 
    • Black History Month, February 
    • Women's History Month, March
    • Middle Eastern & North African Heritage Month, April
    • Asian Islander Pacific Desi American Heritage Month, April
    • Autism Acceptance Week, April
    • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, May
    • Virtual Processing Space: Supporting Transgender and LGBTQIA+ Community
  • Olivia A. Davidson Voices of Color Speaker Series
  • Intercultural Ceremony, etc.

For more information please contact the Center for Inclusive Excellence at

There will be an upcoming “Reading Club”: We will meet bi-monthly during the lunch hour. This club is open to students, faculty and staff.

Intercultural Development Inventory (3 session commitment)

The Intercultural Development Inventory will help participants gain insight into their cultural competence. The IDI will provide an individual their current cultural level and then provide an intercultural development plan (IDP) that will help them to grow and develop. Note: There is no assessment cost to students.

Truth Racial Healing Transformation circles (3 session commitment)

The Healing Circles will help participants to gain insight and racial healing. The purpose for a circle is to help participants to practice equity and inclusion. The goal is to rid ourselves of superiority thinking that one group is higher than the other and to see that we are because of the other. We are a circle that is never ending and always connected with another person. The purpose is to see yourself in the “other” and “do no harm”.


All CIE presentations, programs and workshops are “judgment free zones”. Please contact for more information.

Time: 30-90 minute depending on need and size of the group unless otherwise noted below

Note: The sessions below are not all inclusive and can be tailored or designed to meet the needs of the group.

How to request a session?

  1. Contact CIE at least 3-6 weeks in advance via email at and copy Emma Laurie at
  2. Provide session title interest
  3. Provide a few dates of interest and the timeframe for program 30, 60, or 90-minute program

Implicit Bias

The Implicit Bias session will help participants become better acquainted with the conscious and unconscious brain phenomenal that causes implicit bias. This interactive session will define bias, stereotype, and attitude and the ways in which all three impact implicit bias. The goal is to develop strategies to recognize and counteract our unconscious bias.

Navigating Cultural Oppression

The Navigating Cultural Oppression session will help participants to learn about historical colonization, racism and oppression and how it has shaped our society. We will discuss how to deconstruct barriers to help everyone to heal from the syndrome of racism. We will look at how to change the narrative of racism and build on a positive foundation to strengthen future generations.

Structural Racism

Have you ever thought why racism is still so prevalent today? Do you sometimes think this shouldn't still be happening in the 21st Century? This Structural Racism session will help participants to define structural racism. We will explore how historical and oppressive actions continue to produce structural racial divides in our society. We will learn how structural racism impacts education, wealth and social capital of marginalized individuals and groups.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

The LGBTQ+ session will help participants to define LGBTQ+ and learn about the historical events that have impacted and shaped the community. In this session you will develop strategies to support and/or be an ally in stopping the injustices being enacted upon the LGBTQ+ community. The LGBTQ+ community have made positive strides since the Stonewall riots and there is more to be done. Join us for this informative session and learn about resources at FSU and in our community.

Supporting Undocumented and Immigrant Community

The Undocumented and Immigrant session will help participants understand the meaning of undocumented and immigrant. This session will explore the challenges individuals experience and how you can support the community and be an ally. We will explore Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the law. The session will discuss historical happenings. Join us for this informative session and learn about resources at FSU and in our community.

Diversity Ocean

The Diversity Ocean session will help participants to define what is diversity. The Diversity Ocean program will educate participants on how best to engage with others from different backgrounds. The main goal is to create a positive FSU community.