Intercultural Training, Learning & Development

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The CIE is a campus leader in regards to providing learning opportunities and a variety of support.

  • Inclusive Excellence 101 Workshops: 

    Inclusive Excellence (I.E.) was first introduced by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) in 2005 as a methodology for helping colleges and universities realize the benefits of diversity and inclusion, and their positive impact on institutional quality. This 90 minute workshop will introduce faculty, staff and students to the 5 I.E. Focus areas which we are focusing on at the university: Access & Equity, Climate, Diversity in the Curriculum/ co-curriculum, Intercultural Learning & Development and Civic & Community Engagement. Workshop participants will also begin to formulate their I.E. scorecards with our consultation to help them begin their journey of discovery and transformation.

  • CIE Community Conversations: 

    CIE Community Conversations program are often held on Mondays and/or Wednesdays at 1:30pm-2:15pm or sometimes in the evenings at 4:30pm. These conversations are opportunities for the FSU community to talk about a range of topics, learn new ideas and connect with one another. A list of CIE Community Conversation can be found here, under the events tab on the Center for Inclusive Excellence website. 

  • Brave Space Training: 

    Prior to 2015, the CIE led Safe Space Training Sessions in order to teach people on how to promote a safe environment for LGBT+ students. Now it is called the Brave Space Training, in order to recognize the bravery it takes to come out as LGBT+ and to support this community as an ally.