The University has outlined its policies and procedures regarding sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, domestic and dating violence, and stalking in the Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan.  This document was developed and is shared by the nine State Universities.  

Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan

Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy (including Complaint and Resolution Procedures): Appendix 7

Policy Against Discrimination, Discriminatory Harassment, and Retaliation, Section V, pg 9

Complaint Investigation and Resolution Procedure: Appendix 4, pg 58

Complaint Form: pg 69

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct establishes the rules and regulations all students of Framingham State University are expected to follow. They are made in any exercise of the powers that are an inherent corollary of the University's duty to protect its educational purposes by setting and distributing standards of student conduct and scholarship, and by regulating the use of University facilities. Students have a right to expect enforcement of these rules and regulations. The University also has the right to expect students to abide by these regulations in a manner that benefits the responsibilities given to students as members of the University community. Knowledge of these rules and regulations can prove most beneficial to students in utilizing and protecting their rights. 

Policy Regarding Domestic Violence Leave

"An Act Relative to Domestic Violence" provides employees with up to 15 days of leave annually if the employee, or a covered family member of the employee, is a victim of abusive behavior.  In response, the University developed the Policy Regarding Domestic Violence Leave that provides more detailed information about employees’ entitlement to this leave.