Internships and Experiential Learning

Did you know?

  • An Experiential Learning experience will help you get a better, higher paid job opportunity after graduation
  • Most Internships, externships, and gig-projects are paying jobs and have flexible hours, as few as 5-10 hours per week
  • Many opportunities have no GPA requirement, and you can get course credit for many internships

Getting Started

  • The INTERNSHIPS AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING TABLE shows the types of internships, externships and gig-projects that are available. This page also includes links to instructions, applications, and available programs
  • Visit your academic advisor to discuss your goals and options, and how you can fit ExL into your life schedule
  • The FSU Faculty and the Career Services team can help you find opportunities, apply, and prepare for interviewing

Benefits to you

  • Gain professional experience: Build your resume, build a network, learn what you like or don’t like
  • Build confidence: If you have core skills, energy, and a strong desire to learn, you can succeed 
  • Apply what you’ve learned
  • Get better and higher paid job opportunities after graduation

Today’s employers value experience, capability, and connections.
The FSU College of Business is committed to helping you succeed in the job market.

Still Not Sure?

  • You can start at any time - Externships and Gig Projects are available starting at age eighteen, Internship eligibility usually starts no earlier than sophomore year
  • The FSU Faculty and Career Services & Employer Relations team can help you find opportunities, and prepare for applying and interviewing
  • You’ll get support throughout your experiential learning employment
  • If you have core skills, energy, and a strong desire to learn, you can succeed
  • Many experiential learning programs offer flexible hours
  • You may be able to work just 5 hours per week, or work during breaks
  • There are many remote experiential learning options