Mirlesna Azo

Mirlesna Azor

Sociology '11

Mirlesna Azor


University of North Carolina Asheville

Your Title:

Community Director

Brief Description:

2 years ago, I accepted a position at University of North Carolina as a Community Director. In my role, I supervise resident assistants & Night Assistants. I also teach a course which I am excited about for the fall 2015. Overall, I oversee a predominantly first year residence halls of 300 while providing support, guidance and leadership to both the residents and my student staff. I certainly am happy to serve students in this capacity. #SApro

How Career Services and Employer Relations helped you:

As a student at FSU, I have used the career center to really work on my resume. Another wonderful way CSER has helped is by having people like Dawn who cares to offer consultation, advice and words of wisdom.