Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA)

CASA is committed to help students achieve academic success in any learning environment! Our professional math and writing tutors are up and running with the start of classes, and subject tutoring is coming online, too. Please check the schedule and access information by clicking above. Supplemental Instruction continues; for schedules and access information, click above or check your course site. Disability/Access Services remains available to both students and faculty; please follow the link on the menu to the left to access these services. Finally, we recognize that this transition to a new learning environment creates much anxiety and concern. We are here to help students navigate remote learning. Please click on the help button above, and we will respond to your questions or concerns as soon as possible, including referrals to other campus resources when needed.

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The Center for Academic Success and Achievement, or CASA, offers professional and peer tutoring, academic success coaching, and disability resources and accommodations to promote student learning and success. CASA is also home to GenerationOne, an affinity group for first-generation college students as well as several community outreach and mentorship programs.

CASA has something for every Framingham State University student.  All services in CASA are free for current students.

  • Academic Success Programs

    Academic Success in The Center for Academic Success and Achievement coordinates various free tutoring and support services to current undergraduate and graduate students.

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  • Disability Access Services

    FSU offers equal opportunities to all qualified students, including those with disabilities and impairments. Academic Success serves students with learning and psychiatric disabilities as well as students with visual, mobility and hearing impairments.

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  • Peer and Supplemental Instruction

    Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic success initiative that utilizes peer-led study sessions to support students enrolled in historically difficult courses.

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  • Success Initiatives and Community Partnerships

    GenerationOne is an affinity group which supports first-generation college students. Community outreach programs focus on STEM, literacy and college-possible programming.

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  • Diverse Scholars, Inclussive Concurrent Enrollment (ICE)

    The Diverse Scholars Program at Framingham State University provides opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities, ages 18-22, to come to campus and engage in FSU courses, internships, and student life.

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