Finance Committee (FinCom)

SGA's Finance Committee (FinCom) meets every Monday at 1:30pm in the SGA Conference Room (MC404), and is chaired by the Student Activities Trust Fund Treasurer. To be placed on the agenda, all requests must be submitted through SGA's RamLink page by the previous Thursday at noon. All events must be, at minimum, 20 business days from when the final approval of funding from SGA would be (FINCOM or Senate) NOT from funding request submission. 

FinCom reviews funding requests prior to their review by Senate. Funding requests $600 or less may be allocated fully by FinCom without the review of Senate.  Requests over $600 will be heard by Fincom and a recommendation will be submitted for review by Senate. 

FinCom is a means to ensure requests are adequately prepared for Senate and to allow a club, organization or student requesting funding to be prepared as well.

Both FinCom and Senate follow Roberts Rules of Order when hearing funding requests.  The following is an outline of how your request may be heard:

1)      Introduction of committee/guests.

2)      Chair will review request with committee.

3)      You will be given 2 minutes to present your request.

4)      There will be 5 minutes for questions from the committee.

5)      The chair will entertain motions for funding.

6)      Time will be allocated for debate.

7)      Once a motion is entered, you will have 2 minutes to make any final comments, however these comments are not required nor will they change the motion already entered.

8)      The motion will be voted on.

If the request is less than $600, the decision made at FinCom is final (or you could appeal to Senate.)  If the request is over $600, you will be seen at the next Senate meeting and a similar process will take place.