Requesting & Using Petty Cash

  1. On Ramlink, go to your organizations organization page. Under the Finance tab, fill out an expenditure request. Make sure to include details on what you will be purchasing, where you will be shopping, and the date you will be picking up your petty cash.

  2. Please remember, petty cash requests under $50 need to be submitted by Monday at noon the week before pick up. Requests over $50 (not to exceed $300) need to be submitted 15 business days before pick up.

  3. Petty cash can be used to buy snacks for an event as long as it is under $100 worth, supplies for an event (for example craft supplies, prizes, materials needed), or any other materials needed that cannot be ordered online.

  4. You are shopping tax exempt. When you pick up your petty cash, you will receive a tax-exempt form based off the stores you will be shopping at. When checking out, make sure you go to a checkout line staffed by an employee (don’t use self-checkout) and let them know you are shopping on behalf of Framingham State University and have a tax exempt card. This means they will not charge you any sales tax. If you forget and pay the sales tax, you will be responsible for paying that money back when you return your petty cash.
    Once you have shopped for your items, you will need to bring any change, receipts, and the tax-exempt form back to EXP no later than two business days after you pick up the petty cash.

If you have any questions about the petty cash process, please contact:
Kayleigh Novac (MacMaster), Finance Manager, in EXP
at 508-626-4619 or